Forget the pandemic of coronavirus that has infected 38,000 Coloradans, skyrocketing unemployment and an economy still on the rocks. 

Denver’s climate action task force has decided now is the time to raise taxes on our broke asses to generate $36 million a year. 

They say that’s how much money is needed to think up policies that will cut greenhouse gases by 40% in four years.

Parents worried about their children going back to school in a matter of weeks are more concerned about whether a treatment will be discovered any time soon.

Our at-risk population just wants to go to the grocery without fear of dying but won’t see a vaccine until next year if they’re lucky.

But okay, let’s jack up sales and use taxes by 0.25% and raise billions, or as supporters called it, chump change to make Denver the model on how to spend money to make greenhouse gases disappear on arbitrarily set deadlines. 

Colorado Politics has more details on the plan:

It will need up to $3.4 billion to realize those plans, and the sales tax increase would be but a step of possibly many more to come, including implementing a vehicle efficiency fee, raising parking meters and parking permit fees.

Now the money grab goes to the Denver City Council for approval sometime in August.

Denver voters would get final say through a ballot measure in the November general election.