For weeks now, the Colorado State Capitol building has had graffiti all over it with profane language and calling for police officers to be murdered, and Gov. Jared Polis and the Colorado Democrats at the state capitol are doing nothing about it.

Colorado Rising Action’s Executive Director, Michael Fields, posted photos to Twitter of the defaced capitol building.

Not only did Polis decide not to order the Colorado National Guard or Colorado State Patrol to protect the building from violent mobs during the protests, but he is now also choosing to leave the building defaced indefinitely. Or as District Attorney George Bruachler puts it, “our elected ‘leaders’ continue to allow our state’s Capitol to stand as a cathedral to crime.”

What the rioters did was illegal and those responsible should be held accountable. Instead, Polis seems perfectly content with letting those who committed these crimes go unpunished and let their despicable messages be displayed for weeks.

It’s time Polis both literally and figuratively cleans up the radical elements in his own party who continue to spread messages of hate.