Gov. Polis did the Sunday political talk show tour to bask in the glory of his mask mandate and informed us that masks are the alternative to shutting down our economy, again.

It’s the alternative to keeping schools closed, Polis said.

With masks, people can keep their jobs and the health insurance that comes with it.

Masks are the answer to limiting the spread of COVID-19.

With masks, comes freedom!

“So, looking at that data, with the desire to keep the economy open, to maximize the ability to return to school in as safe a way as possible for teachers and for students, the mask mandate was really an easy decision, after I saw that data,” Polis told ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.”

So it was an easy decision to mandate masks instead of closing the economy, like Polis did for more than two months.

It was an easy decision for Polis to mandate masks in order to reopen schools.

The obvious question, if it was such an easy decision to make, why didn’t Polis make that easy decision in March rather than shutting down schools and the economy?

Worst mask salesman, ever.