Organized rioting over the weekend dubbed “peaceful” protests by the media had nothing to do with seeking justice for Black Americans or reforming police.

In Colorado and major cities across the U.S., these events are now just thinly disguised political rallies coordinated by the violent left to evolve into widespread vandalism and crimes that will specifically ignite confrontation with police.

Protesters aren’t trying to stop police brutality, they are trying their damndest to incite it. 

Aurora police said protesters on Saturday managed to break windows at the courthouse and were inside attempting to start fires. Protestors were also shooting fireworks towards the building, police said.

Protests over the death of Elijah McClain began peacefully, but ramped up with a vehicle that ran through protestors and a shooting that police said was caused by a person hitting a fellow protester.

Authorities said a fire was started inside of an office in the courthouse but it was extinguished.

Aurora police released this photo of a “person of interest” they would like to speak with in regards to the shooting incident.

Here’s video of the driver on I-225. Decide for yourself whether the driver was trying to run through protestors or drive down an interstate, which is an invention for cars, not pedestrians. 

Blocking interstates won’t get justice for Elijah McClain, but it could get someone killed. Anarchists would not hesitate to use such a tragedy to gain sympathy for their cause.

Because two months of this nonsense is really starting to piss off Americans, most of whom were already against people of any color dying while in police custody.

None of the weekend protests were peaceful and the media should be ashamed of themselves for consistently pushing out such propaganda.

These so-called “peaceful protesters”™ are the grown children of those parents who allowed their kids to throw horrific temper tantrums that would make a wild banshee blush, rather than spank their child in public for fear of being labeled bad parents.

Parents were afraid social services would be called, and now cops are afraid they will be sued or fired for doing their job and their bosses are telling them to stand down.

And that has only emboldened the mob to become more violent. They want President Trump to send in federal law enforcement support so Democrats can cry victim and help get Joe Biden elected president.

Elected officials, including Gov. Polis, should be ashamed of themselves for ordering police to stand down.

If anarchy is the political message Democrats want to send then so be it.

Because Americans have had enough and are ready for a responsible parent to administer a good spanking and send those brats to bed without dinner.