Marty Coniglio has abandoned his post as 9News weatherman without explanation following his controversial tweet comparing federal police officers to Nazis.

Neither Coniglio nor the station is saying whether the sudden departure came under sunny or partly cloudy skies.

Coniglio’s last day at the station was Friday, the day after we reported his wildly inappropriate tweet along with the state Republican Party’s reaction. 

Coniglio confirmed he no longer worked at 9News, and in a text message to the Denver Post said he would “not be able to talk about the situation for at least a week or so.”

Public displays of media bias are recently spreading faster across the Front Range than COVID-19.

KRDO Digital Director Andrew McMillan fired off a series of tweets about a week ago defending antifa violence in Portland and accused police guarding the federal courthouse of “disappearing people.”

McMillian’s tweets were deleted following our report.

Denver Post reporter Conrad Swanson defended rioters at the “Fuck the Feds” rally over the weekend for being peaceful and doing absolutely nothing wrong when they lowered the American flag from the federal courthouse then raised it upside down as a distress signal. 

Then there were these outrageous comments on a Facebook post by someone over at KOAA.

The tweets were removed the same day without explanation for the station’s extreme bias against President Trump.