Former President Obama endorsed former failed presidential candidate John Hickenlooper in his race against U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner Monday in the least sincere way possible.

Obama tweeted out the list of 118 Democrat candidates he is supporting around the country in what was billed as his “first slate of 2020 candidate endorsements.”

Obama is obviously endorsing the Democrats on the simple qualification the candidates are Democrats, yet Hickenlooper tweeted out the news as if it was a personalized endorsement.

Sadly, the quote Hickenlooper’s campaign picked to highlight was just a generic statement from Obama supporting, you know, 118 Democrats.

Although Hickenlooper likes to talk up his supposed relationship with the former president, Obama clearly doesn’t know anything at all about Hickenlooper.

It’s obvious the Democratic National Committee compiled the list for an Obama staffer to tweet.

Today’s endorsement, if you can even call it that, was just sad.