The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a new ad revealing more of “slick, shady” John Hickenlooper’s corruption, this time exposing Hickenlooper as a “tax cheat.”

In addition to breaking ethics laws and allowing his office to accept millions of dollars from private companies in secret donations while he was governor, Hickenlooper used a complex scheme to avoid paying taxes, the ad says.

Hickenlooper received at least $1.1 million in tax write-offs for land given to the Nature Conservancy. But in 2007, the IRS questioned the value Hickenlooper had put on his land, and he was forced to pay the IRS more than $52,000 in back taxes.

The ad shows Hickenlooper as a prime example of Democratic politicians who want to raise taxes on the middle class, and yet use every trick in the book to cheat on their own taxes until they get caught.

Why haven’t we heard about all of Hickenlooper’s corrupt ways over the last two decades? Because the left wing media in Colorado has been covering for him.

Now that Hick is in the fight of his political life and his corruption is coming unraveled voters should hold him accountable.

As the ad makes clear, Hickenlooper really is Colorado’s shadiest politician, and it’s about time his corruption is exposed.