Data from the Denver Police Department shows shootings and killings are up 50% this year compared to last year, but Democrats in charge of the city don’t seem to be doing much to stop it.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen pointed out the “dramatic increases” in shootings began in April, nearly two months before the violent protests rocked downtown Denver.

And yet leftist protestors in May and June focused on defunding the police instead of addressing the violent crime that is the real problem in Denver.

The recent spike in gun violence also calls into question the Democrats’ gun-control policies.

Since former Gov. John Hickenlooper and Democrats in the state legislature rammed gun control legislation down the throats of Coloradans back in 2013, gun violence has only increased.

Democrat politicians including Gov. Polis and Denver Mayor Hancock are turning a blind eye to the crime wave because they would rather kowtow to the extremists in their own party than protect law-abiding Coloradans.

But even though the Democrats’ gun control policies have failed, they now want to go even further to the left and defund the police and remove police officers from schools.

Because for Democrats, if your first policy fails, it just means the next idea has to be more radical.