Ted Trimpa, a top Democrat operative in Colorado, penned an opinion piece in the Denver Post calling out his own party’s decision to allow “thugs” to vandalize the capitol with no consequences.

Trimpa is well known in Colorado political circles. He’s been dubbed “Colorado’s answer to Karl Rove,” and “one of the most important players in Colorado politics that you’ve probably never heard of.”

He was the driving force behind the Democrats’ efforts to turn Colorado blue over the past two decades, with a proven track record of success.

So it’s a big deal he’s calling out the elected leaders of his own party who refuse to stand up to the radical left who are intent on destroying our state capitol.

Although he never calls out these elected Democrats by name, Trimpa’s words are a direct criticism of Gov. Polis, Denver Mayor Hancock, and all Democrat leaders who have done nothing about the destruction and vandalism at the state capitol.

Trimpa gets to the root of the problem when he explains these Democrats are silent because “too many are scared to speak up, afraid of the small swath of the far left and the mob of Twitter trolls.”

And that brings us to the question of where is the media? Why isn’t the Colorado political press corps holding Polis accountable? Why don’t they pepper him with questions about the vandalism and destruction every time he holds a press conference?

When it comes to Republican elected officials, every time anyone in their party does something the press deems radical, they hound every Republican leader to denounce the behavior. But when it comes to Democrats, there is simply silence.

For now, Trimpa seems to be the only Democrat in Colorado willing to criticize the “thugs” intent on destruction. It will be interesting to see if other leading Democrats like U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet or Senate candidate John Hickenlooper follow his lead, grow a spine, and denounce the radical elements of their own party.