It’s official.

The new headquarters for the Bureau of Land Management officially changed addresses this week from Inside the Beltway to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Now federal workers can manage 245 million acres of public land closer to where it’s actually located. 

This is the biggest win for the Western Slope in a generation. 

Federal bureaucrats managing the land closer to the land means the government will see first hand the impacts their policies will have on the real stewards of the land, those who live here. 

An achievement of this magnitude would never have happened without the support of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, as well as Interior Secretary and Rifle homeboy, David Bernhardt.

Even Gov. Polis finally decided to support the move, although his fellow Democrats are still complaining about President Trump’s pick to actually head the BLM.

John Hickenlooper’s U.S. Senate campaign staff hasn’t let the Democrat weigh in on the issue.

Probably because the last time Hickenlooper was asked about BLM, he responded that all lives matter.