Joe Biden’s new digital organizing director in Arizona, Michael Ramirez, has a history of racist, sexist, and anti-cop tweets, the Arizona Daily Independent reports.

Colorado Democrats will be quite familiar with Ramirez who served as Senadora Julie Gonzales’ campaign manager in 2018.

Ramirez is also a former Bernie Sanders staffer, and in other tweets he proudly proclaimed himself as a full throated Marxist.

Ramirez is listed as a board member of the Colorado People’s Alliance. COPA is a far-left organization associated with the likes of Tay Anderson, and recently employed former State Rep. Rochelle Galindo after she resigned amid allegations of sexual assault.

Ramirez is hardly the only new Biden staffer embarrassing his new employer as the Democrat’s campaign finally moves into gear.

Peak Politics revealed earlier this week Biden’s new Colorado Director of Special Projects and Trips Sarah E. Moss slammed Biden for a sexist interaction with a 13 year-old Iowa girl, and still the campaign hired her.

Considering Moss’s history of calling out her fellow Democrats for sexism, we have reached out to her for comment.