Democrats around the country are spreading wild theories and accusing President Trump of sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service to win reelection, so of course Colorado’s congressional delegation has to get in on the action.

Never mind they are actually planning the lamest media event, ever.

All four Democrats — Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter, Joe Neguse and Jason Crow — will tour post offices in their respective districts in a pathetic attempt to get local media exposure.

The controversy surrounding the Postal Service began when Trump voiced his concerns with mail-in voting. But the long-lasting structural problems at the post office have nothing to do with that. Democrats are just using the opportunity to stir up anti-Trump sentiment in the media.

While it is true the post office is undergoing delays in shipping because of the massive increase in activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump is not responsible for these delays.

It’s absurd for Democrats to claim the post office has funding issues when they have $14 billion in the bank, reports the Washington Post.

That is enough money…to tide the agency over till May 2021 as a worst-case scenario, or October 2021, if package volumes remain high.

Trump’s Treasury Department even offered the post office an additional $10 billion loan if needed to keep up with the increased demand.

Even though the idea that Trump has directed the postal service to slow down service to affect mail-in ballots is insane, the left-wing media in Colorado has been spreading the Democrats’ misinformation to cause panic.

9News reporter Marc Sallinger tweeted a letter from the Postal Service to Colorado’s Secretary of State saying, in part, “‘certain deadlines’ create ‘risk that some ballots will not be returned by mail in time to be counted.'”

But even other journalists weren’t buying this spin. Colorado Sun reporter Jesse Paul explained how this has always been the guidance for Colorado’s mail-in ballots.

Paul is correct. There is absolutely no reason to believe Colorado’s mail-in ballots will be impacted because of the surge in the post office’s activity, and it is extremely disingenuous for Colorado Democrats to use their local post office as a photo op to further spread misinformation.