Gov. Polis should be laser focused on critical problems gripping the state like the pandemic, wildfires, and the growing homeless population.

Instead, he’s making time to deal with frivolous matters, like the contest our state DMV is launching to redecorate our driver’s licenses.

Even more concerning, Polis thinks our state ID cards are a “piece of art” that represents our state as well as our own identity.

Seriously, what is that dude smoking?

The driver’s license may be art in the parallel universe where Polis exists. 

But here on planet Earth where the rest of us live, the photo ID is historically and unequivocally the most frightening and horrific photograph every human will ever possess of themselves.

We think you have much more important matters to attend to, but okay governor, we’ll play along with your “Iconic Colorado” art contest to give our license a make over. 

“These cards should be beautiful, a credit to our state, and a point of pride for all Coloradans and to make that happen, we need help from our deep pool of talented creators,” Polis said.

For starters, the Rocky Mountains have been around for more than 50 million years so let’s replace it with something more modern, like wildfire consuming the mountains and environmentalists celebrating the destruction as sound land management practices. 

Or, we could scrap the mountains altogether and replace it with the graffiti-covered state Capitol.

Boarded up restaurants, most definitely that is current and representative of the state of our state.

Or the homeless camps, make them festive and colorful with a hypodermic needle pointing to the date of birth to speed up ID checks at the dispensaries. 

If we’re getting real, we might as well go with the marijuana leaf since the branding is already established and it’s what we’re known for now anyway.

We could do a special license for those living on the Western Slope and east of Denver — a graphic of the state map with a prairie dog and grouse and as the only inhabitants.

We know the design Polis wants, so we’ll go ahead and submit his favorite.