California dark money is behind the effort to reintroduce wolves on the Western Slope with only four degrees of separation from the liberal billionaire all conservatives love to hate — George Soros.

Hayden Ludwig, an investigative researcher with Capital Research Center in Washington, D.C., follows the money down the rabbit hole beginning with the lead advocacy group pushing the ballot measure — the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project.

From there it’s only a hop to the radical Tides Center in San Francisco, according to their own donation page. 

The Tides Center is the second degree of separation, and the third is the center’s foundation, as Ludwig writes about the foundation in Colorado Politics: 

Tides was conceived in the mid-1970s as an innovative pass-through — effectively a middleman for liberal donors angling to anonymously support left-wing causes.

Who funds the Tides Foundation? Their major donor is Soros’s own organization, the Open Society Foundations.

Ludwig concludes:

Now California is exporting its “dark money” scheme via environmentalist groups like the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project. Coloradans should know who’s behind the Wolf Reintroduction ballot measure — they may not like what they find.