Gov. Polis and young adults between the age of 20 to 29 are the reasons why Colorado can’t have nice things, whether its a state Capitol sans graffiti, or beer served in a bar after 11 p.m.

It’s a peculiar governing style Polis has seized upon to protect us from the pandemic that’s sweeping states other than our own. Colorado ranks 29th in the number of cases nationwide, so comparatively we are in good shape. 

Polis claimed it was science that originally forced his hand to pass an emergency order prohibiting alcohol service after 10 p.m., with fines up to $1,000 and nearly a year in jail for those caught breaking the king’s decree.

But now science — aka the lawsuit filed by hundreds of bars and restaurants opposing the last-call order — is expected to back up Polis’s decision Friday to extend our adult drinking time by an additional hour to 11 p.m.

Polis claimed, in issuing the order, that young people ages 20 to 29 who become inebriated at bars and restaurants are less likely to wear masks or properly socially distance themselves. He has said his executive orders are based on science but has not cited proof that an earlier “last call order” would limit the spread of the virus among young people.

Neither Polis nor any Democrat governor who mandated masks have issued a curfew on peaceful protest riots to curb the spread of the coronavirus, or violence.

These aren’t double-standards at play, there is actually sound science to back it up.

Scientific fact number one: Democrats say it’s true, so it must be, that COVID is not spreading as rapidly among the peaceful protest looters because they’re all wearing masks.

Scientific fact number two: It turns out criminals actually prefer to wear masks, especially in the commission of committing crimes as they peacefully protest.

It’s okay for Rabbit Face Rainbow Thug and Warrior Wannabe to block a neighborhood street in Colorado Springs and threaten residents with weapons, because their faces are fully covered and they are socially distanced from their victims.

See? Science.