Local leaders are starting to distance themselves from all the violence accompanying the so-called “peaceful protests,” but not Denver’s favorite socialist, Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca.

More often her influence can be seen at the center of violent events like Saturday night’s “Give Em Hell” riot, when Antifa showed up and tried to set Denver on fire.

The flyer advertising the protest specifically cited CdeBaca’s failed measure to defund the police and replace the agency with a “peace force.”

Denver’s mayor and city council “have refused to address our demands to abolish DPD,” the flyer said. “City council just blocked a bill to allow Denver residents to vote to replace the police with a peace force.”

If there’s a large group of angry people trying to start fights with police and capture it on video, that’s where you’ll find CdeBaca these days.

Before her Antifa supporters showed up to back her “Peace Force” play, CdeBaca was caught on tape Wednesday telling protestors at a homeless camp cleanup to sue the city and police department.

“Look, anybody who was hurt needs to sue. The liability went up after the state law changed. Everybody needs to start suing.” 

That’s how CdeBaca represents taxpayers, by telling privileged white protestors who charge at police to sue taxpayers if they get hurt when police respond.

When she wasn’t chasing ambulances for trial lawyers, CdeBaca was falsely accusing police of pointing a weapon at her and protestors at the homeless camp cleanup.

“Check out the photos (sic) the thread where you can see the officer who pulled a gun on us for no reason,” the Tweet from Aug. 21 reads.

Denver Police were quick to respond, tweeting back that the gun in question was not his “duty weapon” but the BB/replica gun that was recovered from the suspect arrested.

The photos CdeBaca invited people to “check out” show the officer holding the gun in question by the barrel, not pointed at anyone or in a position to shoot, while his service pistol is holstered.

What kind of elected official incites violence, fans the flames and then uses the resulting riot to grandstand and promote themself?

Socialists, that’s who.