Updated: Schrader responds she is proud to accidentally “showcase” her two years of joy the Democrats swept the state elections. 


Denver Post editorial page editor Megan Schrader was speaking on a virtual panel during the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s annual conference last week when she accidentally displayed her desktop image — a blue wave crashing over Colorado’s capitol.

Peak Politics obtained the screenshot from a source who watched the event on Zoom. We blacked out the names of all the personal files except for the two files titled “bluewave.”

According to our source, the inadvertent desktop share occurred during a panel ironically titled “The Art of Public Messaging: How Do You Reach a Skeptical Audience?”

In addition to Schrader, the other panelists included Marshall Zellinger from 9News and Dan Grossman from the Environmental Defense Fund.

Long rumored to be a Democrat activist, now Schrader’s own computer desktop — the literal image of the far-left’s battle cry — is more grist for the mill.

PeakNation™ will recall Schrader is the editor who killed Jon Caldara’s Denver Post column after the two disagreed about pronouns when writing about gender.

Schrader also rescinded the Denver Post’s endorsement of Cory Gardner for the 2014 U.S. Senate race. She didn’t even serve on the editorial board at the time the endorsement was made.

In 2018, Schrader published a deranged letter to the editor that compared President Trump to Soviet spies who were executed for espionage during the Cold War.

Schrader also published an editorial recently that labeled homeless camps outside the state capitol “Trumpvilles.” As we wrote at the time, the idea President Trump is responsible for the growing encampments in a city with 57 unbroken years of Democrat leadership is completely absurd.

Then there’s the correction Schrader issued concerning her defense of John Hickenlooper’s ethics violations.

Schrader initially wrote Hickenlooper’s airfare and hotel at Bilderberg amounted to “conference fees,” despite the Independent Ethics Commission explicitly rejecting that claim during the hearing.

Updated June 11, 2020 at 10:51 a.m. This editorial was corrected to take out references to a separate $6,770 conference fee Gov. John Hickenlooper paid to attend a conference in Italy. That was the total cost of the hotel and airfare the governor paid for his trip. He did not pay a separate conference fee, and the editorial was updated in several places to reflect that information.

Schrader’s defense of Hickenlooper was featured prominently in ads produced by Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC during the Senate primary. Coincidence? We doubt it.

These aren’t small errors or isolated instances of bias.

Schrader’s editorials exhibit a pattern of clear hostility toward Republicans and obvious support for Democrats.

As her writings and desktop image indicate, Schrader’s editorial goals are to eradicate Republicans and elect Democrats.

It will be interesting to see how the Denver Post reacts to their editorial page editor’s accidental outing as a Democrat.

We suspect they’ve known all along. It’s probably why she was hired.