Support is beginning to wane among Democrat voters for the protestors and riots rocking major American cities with mindless violence.

The vandalism, looting, physical assaults and shootings are over-shadowing the goals of Black Lives Matter to defund or eliminate police altogether, which their messaging suggests will achieve racial justice.

Democratic pollsters have finally persuaded Joe Biden to signal some sort of opposition to the violence, who awoke from his Sunday nap long enough to just blame everything on Trump.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler received his talking points in time for a Sunday afternoon press conference where he too blamed Trump for not allowing the angry mob to burn down a federal court house. 

Wheeler took zero responsibility for allowing anarchists and thugs to take control of his city, demanded Trump fix the problem Wheeler allowed to fester for three months, or stay the Hell out of the way.

Wheeler also warned counter-protestor who disagreed with the mob to stay away from Portland — that’s the Democrat’s solution to the murder of a counter-protestor on Saturday.

Wheeler’s message was clear: Free speech exists only for the radical left, Trump supporters stay the Hell out of town, or else.

Gov. Polis and Denver Mayor Hancock saw the proverbial writing on the wall and condemned the violent protests in Denver last weekend.

Noticeably absent from their discussion was U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper, the Democrat’s U.S. Senate nominee.

Their absence was called out by The Federalist:

Days after “social justice” riots erupted in downtown Denver last weekend, destroying businesses and launching fireworks at police, Colorado’s Democrat senator and its nominee to oust the state’s Republican incumbent have yet to condemn the political violence.

Sen. Michael Bennet, re-elected in 2016, and former Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is running to unset Republican Sen. Cory Gardner this November, have joined the vast array of Democrats turning a blind eye to the lawless unrest in their states while cities burn.

Hickenlooper has been in hiding, still smarting from his accidental comments that all lives matter when asked about the Black Lives Matter protests in the early days.

But now that Democrats finally have a policy solution to end the violence that consists solely of blaming Trump, we expect Hickenlooper’s campaign staff can manage to cobble together a tweet that parrots the mayor of Portland.