The Bandimere Speedway rally Tuesday protesting government overreach that continues to cripple businesses months after we’ve “flattened the COVID curve” will likely result in pushback from the pandemic police.

There’s been no official headcount, but the speedway is already on double-secret probation with Jefferson County health officials who have ruled only 175 people are allowed among the speedway’s 20,000 seats around a drag strip on 45 acres of land.

That’s the required distancing for an outdoor event mostly attended by people who love God, country, the flag, and President Trump — 175 people for 20,000 seats.

No wonder the Bandimere family and conservative Republicans are so upset about the randomness and never-ending “emergency powers” claimed by Gov. Polis and government bureaucrats that’s been going on for seven months now.

Especially when there’s been no comparative rules or attendance limits for outdoor events featuring riots, arson, looting, vandalism and various other sundry methods of assault and destruction for the purpose of defunding police.  

Channel 9 did a flyover showing those in attendance weren’t exactly piled on top of each other. 

It looks like there was plenty of social distancing in the stands.

CBS Denver was inside the event and noted speedway officials and the crowd were making an effort to social distance.

Reporting from outside the speedway on the side of the road, Ryan Haarer of 9 News concluded health orders would be violated because he saw hundreds and hundreds of cars streaming in for the event and many of those inside the vehicles were not wearing masks.

It’s reporting like that, calling out people for not wearing masks inside cars, that contributes to the confusion of how to manage the pandemic long after the curve was flattened, and the number of cases and deaths significantly declines enough for school to resume.

And it’s knee-jerk governing that limits a 45-acre venue with 20,000 seats to only 175 people while still mandating masks, outdoors.


It’s impossible to tell how many people actually attended what appears to be a peaceful protest. And by peaceful, we mean no people were injured, killed or property destroyed.

We expect pandemic police have collected all the group photos taken after the event for a headcount.