That early snow in the mountains signaled Hell has frozen over because John Hickenlooper is scheduled to appear in a live public debate with U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Mark your calendars for Oct. 9 at 5 p.m., because it’s a Friday and folks will be racing to the bar home for cocktails forgetting all about politics. 

The debate hosts are the leftists at the Denver Post, the leftists at Colorado Public Radio and will be shown on Denver’s Channel 7 and the Post’s website.

There will be no live audience. 

Considering the media hosts, we expect mostly softball questions for Democrat Hickenlooper. Whom we also expect will still manage to mangel most of his responses.

Questions like: Why is COVID-19 Trump’s fault? How come police only started killing black people after Trump was elected? Why are the riots Trump’s fault? How is it Trump’s fault Denver police problems were never solved when you were mayor? How come our economy crashed when Gov. Polis shut down our state?

Wait, scratch that last one.

Hick has more than a month to prep with the opposition research on Trump, which is the only answer he has for every issue.

Hickenlooper will govern and fix every problem by not being Trump. The details of which aren’t important because Hick doesn’t actually have any.

Even with all the liberal cards stacked against him, Gardner will still come through the debate smelling like a rose, because he actually knows how to represent Coloradans and govern as a U.S. senator.