The 12-year-old boy assaulted by a Boulder woman over a Trump yard sign is speaking out, KMGH reports.

The boy said he was confused as the attack was happening and told Denver7 he is disappointed with people who attack others solely for their political views.


“I like showing what I believe in,” the boy said. “I didn’t want any conflict – I just wanted to show what I believe in.”


The boy, who said he’s now scared to show his support for President Trump, asked for mutual respect and also asked that people stop attacking one another.

The left appears nervous about the potential fallout from this story, especially since the Denver Post is attempting to minimize the assault by merely stating the woman turned around to “confront” the preteen.

“Confront,” unsurprisingly, is the same verb the Denver Post used to describe the actions of left-wing morons who crashed a Gardner event at a hospital last summer.

Apparently in the eyes of the Post, “confront” is just a catch-all term that appropriately describes any action the left takes against conservatives, be it the violent assault of a 12-year-old or crashing a forum on veterans’ healthcare to heckle Republicans on gun control.

While Democrats and their allies in the press try to downplay the story, the Republican National Committee called on Joe Biden and Colorado Democrats to “disavow this act of hatred and violence on a child.”

“The left has become completely unhinged. This behavior is utterly unacceptable and must be denounced by Joe Biden and Colorado Democrats,” said RNC spokesperson Keith Schipper.

To date, neither John Hickenlooper, Jared Polis, Biden, or any other prominent elected Democrat have condemned the assault.