Joe Biden wasn’t having a senior moment when he blamed President Trump for the summer of violence produced by Black Lives Matter and their anarchist friends.

Public sympathy is beginning to wane for the peaceful protestors ™ who assault and kill those who disagree with them, and burn down the businesses of the minorities they purport to support.

So now Democrats are trying to cover their tracks, hoping the public’s attention span is practically non-existent, and they won’t remember any of this:

The ad is from the National Republican Senatorial Committee. 

It’s part of their campaign to remind voters in battleground Senate race states that mob violence is how Democrats govern, and mob rule is how a Democrat-controlled Senate would operate.

The Democrat strategy is to rile their voters into angry mobs and encourage violence rather than listen to the concerns so many protestors want addressed — retraining police, reevaluating the use of deadly force, rooting out racism.

“John Hickenlooper’s own party leaders have long encouraged the mob mentality and destructive uprisings we’re seeing in cities like Denver. For an entire week, Hickenlooper stayed silent about the vandalism, looting, and physical assaults that hijacked peaceful protests in his own state. If he’s unwilling or unable to stand up to the mob and his Party leaders now, he definitely won’t do it in Washington,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez.