John Hickenlooper must be so relieved someone in the media is finally obeying his orders and protecting the Democrat from the political rhetoric of a Senate campaign.

Big surprise, 9 News’s resident liberal hack Kyle Clark came to Hickenlooper’s rescue Friday with a half-assed fact check on the Colorado GOP.

Clark takes exception to the reiteration that Hickenlooper’s campaign has restricted access to the candidate, and rural voters in particular.

That “campaign swing on the Western Slope” Clark referenced? Hick skipped up to Vail and Aspen for a couple days this week, and squeezed in some time for Garfield County while he was in the neighborhood.

Not exactly what any resident of the Western Slope would consider a Western Slope campaign swing.

Especially considering Hickenlooper’s campaign didn’t have the decency to publicize any of his stops to the general public. He spent most of his time with a few select local reporters who  obediently pitched softball questions to the candidate.

As the Colorado Sun reported last week, Hickenlooper has not held a widely publicized event since early March. His campaign is employing this strategy to limit Hick’s exposure to the press and avoid gaffes.

Hickenlooper’s team says it is not advertising most events and limiting the size because of the coronavirus. But the decision also allows Hickenlooper to avoid questions from reporters and voters, and it limits his propensity to make comments that hurt his campaign, as he did in the primary.

Colorado GOP Communications Director Joe Jackson and Executive Director Lx Fangonilo both blasted Clark and called for him to apologize.

We aren’t holding our breath. Typically when Clark gets called out for instances of extreme bias he tends to go radio silent.

Clark’s just showing everyone why Gardner’s campaign is right to question whether 9 News could objectively moderate a Senate debate this year.