A very limited number of Bronco fans will be hailing King Polis for graciously allowing a mere 5,700 to attend the game against Tampa Bay in three weeks.

The rest of us peasants will be seriously pissed more than 70,000 seats, that’s 92.5% of the stadium, will remain empty.

It could have been worse. 

Polis could have kept up his farcical rule limiting all outdoor events to 175 people like he’s been doing to Bandimere Speedway, which seats 20,000.

Polis is now adjusting his pandemic rules to allow cohort groupings of 175 each, so if one person carries COVID-19 into the pod, government can better track, trace and quarantine. 

So that’s creepy.

If Polis is willing to allow 32 and a half cohort groups into Mile High stadium all at the same time to watch football, it can only mean one thing — the curve is flattened Polis isn’t willing to commit political suicide. 

A total Broncos lockdown would get ugly fast with fans, and Polis knows it.

He’s banking on the media to cheer him on for even allowing a handful to attend.

Polis says if we’re good, wear our masks and clean our room, he might let a few more season ticket holders see a home game this season.

We would argue, always, the Broncos have more fans than any other team, but you won’t know it by our allotted 5,700 attendance.

Jacksonville is allowing 17,000 to attend their game Sunday against Indianapolis, 16,000 will be in attendance for the NFL season opener Thursday in Kansas City when they play Houston, and Miami is letting in 13,000 for their first home game.

The team formerly known as the Redskins won’t play for any home fans at all this season. Assuming they still have fans.

Bronco ticket holders permitted to attend the Sept. 27 game will be selected by a lottery system. 

Tailgating is banned, so that sucks.

Seats will be sold in “pods” of one to six tickets, and sections will be separated into smaller groups with designated entry, concession and restroom areas to limit fan exposure in alignment with the state’s outdoor event guidance. Suite seating options—with limited capacity—will also be available first to current Broncos premium members.