True to her socialist core, Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca thinks campaign finance rules apply to everyone but herself.

Colorado Politics reports CdeBaca’s campaign broke the law and took contributions well above the legal limit of $1,000 and failed to report contributions above $500.

Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca’s campaign violated election finance laws last year when vying for District 9, a seat she won in a runoff election against the well-funded, two-term incumbent Albus Brooks.

CdeBaca’s excuse for accepting more than the legal limit? It’s no big deal because it only happened 20 times. 

For not reporting contributions? It’s hard, she explained, because there were a lot of donors who gave her money for the first time or gave her money before, and there was just a lot of them. Gosh. Go bother someone else, she concluded.

“I had over 1,000 individual donors, second only to the mayor, and many were first-time and recurring donors,” she said in a statement Tuesday.

“If this scrutiny is being applied to small-dollar donors for a grassroots candidate,” she added, “I certainly hope that the same level of scrutiny is being applied to the big-money, special interest donors that funded other candidates in Denver’s 2019 municipal election.”

Her small donations shouldn’t be scrutinized, she rationalized. Instead, watchdogs should be going after big-money candidates who adhere to the exact same small-donor limits and rules without breaking the law.


Socialists are notorious hypocrites, so CdeBaca is unlikely to take responsibility for breaking the same laws she insists others follow.

She could have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for the pesky anonymous complaint filed against her over the holiday weekend. 

Praise be to whomever pulled on that string, because as it unraveled it also revealed the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office has ineffective oversight in place to ensure candidates are correctly filing campaign finance reports.

Apparently, they haven’t even been trying to catch violations.