John Hickenlooper continues to lose favor with voters, falling even further in the latest poll showing U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner within five points of the former governor and failed presidential candidate.

The independent poll by Hart Research/Fabrizio Ward was conducted on the heels of a recent Morning Consult poll that showed Hickenlooper up by nine points.

The difference? The latest poll used a much larger survey base and had a smaller margin of error.

Hart Research/Fabrizio Ward conducted their poll by phone with 800 likely voters on Aug. 30 through Sept. 5 with a 3.5% margin of error.

Hickenlooper led with 51% to Gardner’s 46%.

Among those over 50, typically the largest and most reliable voting block, Gardner actually pulled ahead with 49% compared to Hickenlooper with 47%.

The poll was commissioned by AARP.

It’s interesting that Gardner, 46, is more popular than Hickenlooper, a 68-year-old senior citizen in an AARP poll.

By comparison, the Morning Consult poll was conducted Aug. 28 through 30 with a smaller survey size of 638, and with a larger margin of error of 4%. The poll results showed Hickenlooper with 48% and Gardner with 39%.

Hickenlooper’s falling poll numbers would explain why he bolted from his basement in recent days to conduct several staged campaign stops with the media in tow to take some proof of life photos.

We expect Hick’s numbers will drop event further if the media ever start asking him tough questions and he goes off script.

Like when he said “all lives matter” a few months ago, then had to correct himself that only Black Lives Matter.