Ducking debates is so far paying off for John Hickenlooper, the Democrat whom beltway insider media folks at Politico now predict can beat incumbent Cory Gardner and ultimately give the left control of the U.S. Senate.  

With President Trump faltering under relentless scandals bolstered or created by the media, this could mean a royal flush of Democrat control of the White House, Senate and House.

That means no obstacles, no checks and balances from those pesky Republicans. 

Democrats governing alone could get rid of all police and just let angry mobs rule the streets.

Hair salons could stay closed forever, not just in California but nationwide to exclude everyone except Nancy Pelosi.

Joe Biden can issue that nationwide mask mandate and shut down the economy like he’s been itching to do.

And Hickenlooper will just go along and do as he’s told. 

No sports, no shopping or restaurants, no jobs. Just everyone sheltering in place and homeschooling their children.

Good times.

But Politico is basing their way-early prediction on a couple of limited independent polls, the latest conducted 10 weeks out from the election showing Hickenlooper up by 9 points.

Hickenlooper has maintained his lead because voters haven’t seen him falter in a head-to-head debate match-up against Gardner, who is a dedicated and informed public servant who delivers for Colorado on a weekly, almost daily basis.

When Gardner takes the stage with Hickenlooper and starts ticking off his accomplishments while Hick makes excuses why he was never able to finish the job he intended as Denver’s mayor or as governor, it will be game over.

That’s why Hickenlooper has put off any debate appearance until the week before ballots are mailed.

That is, if Hickenlooper shows up and doesn’t blow off voters like he did by ignoring the Ethics Commission subpoena.