State Sen. Jessie Danielson is doing double duty these days helping other Democrats get elected to the state legislature who just happen to be clients of her husband, political consultant Andrew Kabza.

Democrat candidates have paid Kabza’s firm more than $122,000 since March. Now it looks like his wife is pitching in to help make more.

Here’s the fundraising letter Danielson is sending around for Paula Dickerson, candidate for Senate District 25, and rancher Karl Hanlon running for Senate District 8, both of them Kabza clients.

That rates a solid 10 on the slimy scale to use one’s position as an elected official to financially benefit their spouse and ultimately themselves. 

Hanlon has so far paid Danielson’s husband more than $30,000 for consulting fees and nearly $7,000 for ads. Kabza’s company was also paid nearly $600 for fundraising expenses and charged Hanlon’s campaign several hundred dollars for office equipment and supplies.

Dickerson has only forked over about $500 to Kabza’s company for ads. Is that why Danielson is shilling for $25, $50, $100 donations?

Is it even legal for state senators to use their official title in correspondence like Danielson did to raise political campaign money that could ultimately make its way back into her purse?

PeakNation™ will recall Danielson is one of the so-called “Fab Five” Democrats featured by People magazine and Newsweek.

The women were bridesmaids in each other’s weddings and won state Senate seats in 2018.

People credited Danielson and her buddies for leading the Democrat Party to take control of the senate from Republicans.

“We were all in it together,” Jessie Danielson, a state representative who brought her toddler daughter on the campaign trail, tells PEOPLE. The wins, she says, were “pretty amazing.”

What’s amazing is how her husband is profiting.

For Democrats actually considering a donation to those candidates, keep in mind your hard-earned money might ultimately land with Danielson’s husband.

Kabza’s company this cycle is also consulting and doing ads for numerous Democrat state House candidates including Monica Duran’s bid in District 24, David Ortiz’s campaign in District 38, and John Ronquillo’s failed bid in District 40 Democratic primary.