U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner released an emotional TV ad this week featuring his mother, a cancer survivor, to explain why protecting health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions is so personal for him.

This was too much for Democrats to stomach so they resulted to attacking Gardner’s own mother in their effort to discredit the senator.

Jason Salzman, the so-called journalist over at the fake news lefty outlet Colorado Times Recorder, sunk to a new low when he accused Gardner of lying about his own mother being a cancer survivor.

Salzman even filmed a video of his own mother saying she wouldn’t lie for him, even though he was literally having her spread lies in the process. Oh, the irony!

But it didn’t stop with Salzman. A Democrat operative with American Bridge went on the attack and called Gardner’s emotional ad “truly dark stuff.”

The bottom feeders on John Hickenlooper’s communications staff also got in on the nasty act.

One of Hickenlooper’s gross and cynical press assistants and Twitter attack dogs, Ammar Moussa, basically accused Gardner of trying to kill his own mother and millions of Americans.

If only the Democrats could take a deep breath, stop their disgusting personal attacks, and open their minds for one minute, maybe they would realize Gardner is actually sincere and does not want to take away health care from his mother or anyone else with a pre-existing condition.

But sadly when it comes to Democrats, politics matters more than anything else.