John Hickenlooper vacationed in Italy and made a presidential campaign appearance in New Hampshire instead of tending to one of the state’s most destructive wildfires in history when he was governor in 2018.

The 416 Fire destroyed 54,000 acres in the Durango area and caused tens of millions of dollars in economic damages.

Instead of managing the disaster, then-Gov. Hickenlooper was cruising in the now-infamous Maserati limousine in Italy and violating state ethics rules.

Thousands of his constituents were being forced to evacuate when Hickenlooper took yet another vacation in New Hampshire where he made time for presidential politics.

Hickenlooper makes time for pre-presidential campaigning during his New Hampshire vacation while wildfires raged back home in Colorado.

From the Denver Post:

But governor’s office calendars and previous news coverage show that (at) least twice while governor, he left Colorado for apparent vacations while parts of the state were on fire.

It’s important to note because the Democrat U.S. Senate candidate had the audacity to accuse Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner of taking a vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Denver Post actually fact-checked Hick’s ad and confirms it was the former governor who took vacations when crisis struck the state, not Gardner.

Hickenlooper confused the congressional August recess, what lawmakers call their district work period when they meet and work with constituents back home, as a vacation.

One need only look at Gardner’s Twitter feed to see he worked in Colorado throughout August, which the Denver Post also confirmed.

The ad demonstrates Hickenlooper’s staff is tragically uninformed as to how Congress works and also lacks the experience to construct a campaign ad, let alone legislate on the national level.

For future reference, Hickenlooper’s staffers should note Republican senators don’t have the power to stop the Democrat-controlled House from adjourning for the August recess.

Hick’s staffers should also read the U.S. Constitution that clearly states all spending bills, including emergency funding for COVID-19, must originate in the House, not the Senate.

Hickenlooper’s Italian vacation and presidential campaigning while Colorado burned shows he wasn’t taking his job as governor seriously.

Imagine how hard Hickenlooper will work if he’s elected senator, a job he’s publicly declared he never wanted?