John Hickenlooper held firmly to his basement-hiding strategy and blew off his debate against U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner at Club 20 in Grand Junction Saturday.

Gardner nailed it, here’s why Hickenlooper’s campaign staff is keeping their boss under wraps for now.

From describing the time he took his mom to see a porn movie to not being able to say whether he is a socialist or capitalist, Hickenlooper always finds a way to make a fool of himself.

Last time Hickenlooper was on a debate stage he didn’t even know what ethics violations he had been found guilty of.

Question: Do you have any legal problems the voters should know about?

Hickenlooper: They did find me in violation for two issues. One was… driving, flying, …sorry.

As Hickenlooper says himself, “I’m not always the best spokesperson for my own ideas.”