Any word yet on whether Gov. Polis is sending his pandemic police after the protestors who rallied, ranted and raved about protestors getting arrested for not-so-peaceful protests?

After all, the protestors who protested the protestors’ arrest blatantly disobeyed Polis’s order that all outside events be limited to 175 participants.

The media report some 300 protestors attended the Saturday event at the state capitol.

In many of the videos and pictures posted on Twitter, there wasn’t a whole lot of social distancing either, and not everyone was wearing masks.

The mob was angry this time because six arrests were (finally) made in connection with four protests and charges levied that ranged from kidnapping, burglary, inciting riots and multiple felony charges. 

These are some of the same protest leaders who were involved with incidents on Interstate 225 and barricading police inside an Aurora police substation.

The Denver Post reports some of those arrested are linked to the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Front Line Party for Revolutionary Action.

At Saturday’s protest to release the protestors, we saw several protestors carrying Black Lives Matter signs. 

The angry mob, having learned nothing in school about due process and America’a judicial system, held the rally to demand all charges be dropped and the suspected protestors be immediately released. 

And in making their demands, they also broke the pandemic laws about gathering outdoors for public events. 

Of course those leftists protestors won’t be held to the same standards to which Polis has held businesses that are forced to follow his burdensome regulations.

If we’ve learned anything about the transmission of COVID-19, only Republicans who don’t want to wear masks can contract the virus. 

Leftist protestors who riot and spread anarchy nightly in America are completely immune if their destruction and crimes are disguised as racial justice.

Isn’t that right, Polis?