The Denver Post is having a tough time coming to grips with the mountain of evidence presented by District Attorney George Brauchler who announced no charges will be brought against the Jeep driver caught up in the I-225 protest.

Brauchler made a compelling case for his decision — the driver came upon the protest in the middle of the interstate where no protest had a legal right to assemble. 

The jeep was rammed by a truck, protestors were throwing objects at the vehicle, someone started firing a gun at him. 

The jeep was not chasing protestors, it was trying to get away from them.

“Should he have pulled over to find out why people were shooting at him?” Brauchler asked. “I wouldn’t have.”

So the Denver Post grudgingly reported in its lede: “The driver of a Jeep who accelerated through a crowd marching on Interstate 225 …”

Then the paper claims video showed by Brauchler Wednesday showed the driver accelerating into the crowd. That’s not what we saw. That’s not what Brauchler said.

The best reporting the Post did today was to show Brauchler’s announcement with all the evidence live on Facebook so the public can see for themselves rather than rely on the paper’s advocacy article for the protestors.

The Post editorial board in July committed media malpractice when they declared the driver had to be guilty and ordered the police to find the evidence making it so. 

The editorial incorrectly reported the Jeep driver hit the truck. And the Post blamed the driver for making the man shoot at him.

The driver in Aurora, whose name has not been reported, sparked dangerous behavior from one protester who fired a gun at the vehicle. 

Every protester broke the law that day by marching onto the interstate, Brauchler said. The shooter who fired at the truck and injured two protestors will be charged with breaking the law. The truck driver admits he rammed into the Jeep but won’t be charged.

There is no evidence the driver of the Jeep had ill intentions that day, Brauchler said.

His apparent goal was to avoid hitting innocent, idiotic protestors who think attacking vehicles on an interstate is justice for someone who tragically died while incarcerated. 

Watch the video. Decide for yourself.