Denver school board member Tay Anderson schooled our youth attending Wednesday’s protest that there is no due process in America or presumption of innocence unless proven guilty because all motherf*cking cops are corrupt.

Does he really talk to our kids with that mouth? Yes, he does.

Anderson didn’t bother educating the crowd on any facts surrounding a Kentucky grand jury’s indictment of one officer in the case of Breonna Taylor earlier in the day.

Contrary to what celebrities report, the tragedy unfolded after police knocked, announced themselves, and when no one opened the door police broke it down. Police were first shot at by Taylor’s boyfriend, then returned fire killing Taylor.

Read the rest of the actual details linked here from Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. 

Police made other mistakes in the case, The officer who killed Taylor was fired and indicted on other crimes, the city paid out a $12 million settlement to the family. But we all know that’s not justice. 

And yet riots and mobs are not justice for anyone who has died by the hand of a police officer. 

To paraphrase Cameron, these protestors are not seeking justice, they seek retaliation.

Not only did Anderson condemn every police officer as corrupt, he ordered the media to ignore riots and report only on the message of Black Lives Matter.

But therein lies the problem. The message of BLM seems to now be riot, retaliate, it’s okay to commit crimes while signaling one’s virtue. 

Denver School Board Member Tay Anderson schools our youth during protest.

The example Anderson has set as the at-large school board member for the city and county of  Denver has literally hit rock bottom.

For those wondering, it would take 52,000 signatures to launch a recall.