John Hickenlooper admits he wants to abolish the filibuster so Democrats can jam through far left legislation many Americans do not support.

The Democrats gleefully employ the filibuster this session because they are the minority party and it’s their only tool they have to block Republicans from advancing important legislation.

But now that Democrats think they can take control of the Senate come 2021, they want to eliminate any check on their potential power.

Ella Nilsen with Vox questioned Hickenlooper about the filibuster:

I pressed Hickenlooper on whether he’d support eliminating or curtailing the filibuster if Democrats are in the majority and Republicans in the minority refuse to cooperate. He wants to try bipartisan legislating first, he said, but “if push comes to shove, I have to look at everything. There’s no question.”

The Colorado media have described Hickenlooper as a moderate throughout his entire political career, but there is nothing moderate about eliminating a long-standing Senate rule because you are afraid your priorities won’t garner enough support.

Hickenlooper insists he’s not a moderate. It’s time we believe him.

During a CNN presidential debate featuring such candidates as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Hickenlooper said, “I’m as progressive as anybody up on this stage.”

Hickenlooper even refused to say whether he was a capitalist in an MSNBC interview during his failed presidential campaign.

And now Hickenlooper openly admits he would look at eliminating the filibuster so he and his fellow Democrats can ram through radical proposals like the Green New Deal and Medicare For All.

It’s time to start listening to what Hickenlooper actually tells voters. He is as radical as Bernie Sanders and is open to eliminating the filibuster to push through the Sanders-Biden socialist agenda.