Speaking of making a mockery of debates, John Hickenlooper’s new Twitter ad does just that as the Democrat rushes back and forth across the set pretending to debate cardboard cutouts of U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Who could possibly lose a debate with cardboard? Hickenlooper did. 

It’s hilarious, yet sad and pathetic.

No wonder Hickenlooper has refused all those early debates with Gardner in real life, he’s terrible at it.

Hickenlooper was a no-show at the Club 20 debate with Sen. Gardner.

Hickenlooper has refused to appear with the real Gardner until the Pueblo debate on Friday.

Coloradans are tired of the charade, indeed. 

Watching Hickenlooper play charades with mock-ups of Gardner is just as tiresome as hearing Chris Wallace shout “Mr. President” 3,461 times during Tuesday’s presidential debate.