Parents will soon figure out those cool learning pods they created as an alternative to the chaotic coronavirus schemes crafted by public schools are actually better than the crappy education their tax dollars provide.

So what happens when, God forbid, parents decide to permanently take over the education of their own children?

Big Public Education is already concerned hipster parents will outright rebel against forced public schooling and will want to start their own pod schools as a permanent solution to educate their children. 

Gov. Polis got the ball rolling when he issued a temporary executive order allowing parents to take control of their child’s education through these small pods or groups, in which parents share the cost of a private teacher to instruct the kids using the school’s curriculum.

We’re only being slightly sarcastic when we commend Polis for actually trying to help by passing a government executive order allowing parents to have the power to, ahem, parent.

But then the Polis administration followed up with a resource guide for families and pod instructors to make sure they know how to wash hands, check for COVID-19, feed kids, and prepare evacuation plans.

The state government also instructs on conducting background checks, locking up the liquor cabinet, and informs that no harsh punishment is permitted. 

And now parents are being told to register their pods with the state.

What next? 

Will field trips for indoctrination lectures or special public art classes using spray paint mediums be mandated?

Will teacher unions try and expand their reach to pod tutors?

Will we all see our taxes increase because schools have fewer children attending? 

We expect teacher unions and public school officials will all be banging on Polis’s door soon demanding something be done to stop parents from taking permanent control of their children’s lives.