John Hickenlooper’s reputed desire for bipartisanship was on full display at the debate Friday when he said it’s President Trump’s own fault for catching COVID-19 because he was negligent.

Everyone who comes into the president’s orbit has to be tested for the virus, because he’s the president of the freaking United States and can’t hide until the pandemic has passed, unlike many of his critics.

This and other protocols have kept the president safe from the virus since February, which is pretty amazing given how much travel and work is required for the job of president.

If this is negligence, were the other seven million people who contracted COVID-19 also negligent, Dr. Hickenlooper? 

It sure sounds like Dr. Hickenlooper’s prognosis is that anyone going about their lives without benefit of every protection afforded to the president of the United States is also negligent and deserving of the disease.

Here’s how Hickenlooper condescendingly claimed to be respectful while instantaneously tracing the cause of the president’s illness to election year politics neglect.

“Indeed the President, and I say this with all due respect, he ignored the risk. And I think he was negligent and even as it became clear it was a serious risk, the team around him in the White House, their response was incompetent.”

Instead of focusing on treatments and a cure, Hickenlooper said during the debate he wants to make the pandemic go away with more testing and masks. 

Ironically, Trump likely contracted the virus because tests cannot be 100% accurate all of the time.

And we couldn’t help but notice the same COVID testing protocol was used before the debate Friday that allowed for Hickenlooper to appear without his mask.

How very negligent of him.