Local Democrats predictably churned out some insensitive and disgusting remarks after news broke President Trump tested positive for COVID-19.

State legislative Democrat operative Logan Davis led the charge against expressions of “sympathy” for President Trump on Twitter. “You don’t have to wish him well,” he wrote.

Alex Winkler, a former state representative and current candidate for Adams County Commission, slammed Davis for exhibiting such a lack of class.

Davis’ disgusting tweet was liked by John Hickenlooper’s former Press Secretary Skyler McKinley.

McKinley and Davis both seemed extremely happy about the news of President Trump testing positive for COVID-19. Davis said he was so excited he really needed to “bottle this shit.”

McKinley currently serves as the spokesperson for AAA Colorado and sits on the Board of the Denver Press Club.

A quick review of his social media shows McKinley was downright thrilled with the president’s diagnosis, liking a number of tasteless tweets including one from far-left Nation writer David Klion the morning after Trump’s hospitalization.

McKinley’s thinly veiled exuberance at the presidents falling ill is galling, but it explains his role in demanding the Gardner campaign remove an unintentional and innocuous AAA logo from an ad last spring.

As AAA explained, “we want to make sure everybody knows that AAA Colorado doesn’t endorse political candidates or campaigns.”

Apparently that same standard doesn’t apply to their partisan spokesperson openly celebrating the president of the United States being hospitalized.

McKinley will be hosting a vice presidential debate watch party Wednesday evening at the Denver Press Club. If you attend, consider asking him why celebrating President Trump’s illness is appropriate. The first round is on him.