Hypocritical Hick is at it again, this time trying to gaslight Coloradans during the Telemundo debate Tuesday about his own immigration record.

John Hickenlooper tried to paint U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner as anti-immigrant, but his attack backfired when Gardner reminded voters Hick bragged about the time he turned over 8,000 names to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for deportation.

Hickenlooper appeared shocked Gardner had actually studied his record, and had no response to Gardner’s reminder.

Unfortunately for Hickenlooper, there’s a video of  the former governor bragging about his deportation list.

Memo to Hickenlooper: It’s not fake news if you’re actually caught on video bragging about it.

Gardner has been working for years to solve the immigration problems in our country, while Hickenlooper has been focused on pandering to leftist activists who he hopes won’t remember his nearly 20 year career in elected office.

The Telemundo debate was clearly a win for Gardner.

With Hickenlooper refusing to own up to his own record, we wonder if moderators in the two remaining debates will bother to hold Hick’s feet to the fire.