Vice President Pence clearly outdebated the former prosecutor from San Fransisco in Wednesday’s forum, energizing Republicans on issues of the economy, dealing with COVID-19, making health care affordable, and his defense of fracking.

Meanwhile, the perpetually pre-adolescents of the Democratic Party are still giggling and declaring a fly as their MVP. 

That’s right, a fly was more popular with Democrats than anything said by their own vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris. 

But who can blame them?

Harris was light on policy, got instant fact checked by Pence, and generally came across as annoying. 

Her childish glares and snotty smirks reminds us of the popular high school girls who know they are pretty but still inflict a cynical kind of cuteness to lord over all the other cliques of nerds, jocks, and stoners. 

No wonder Democrats cheered for the fly.

On the issues, Pence cited legislation authored by Colorado’s U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner as an example of the Trump administration’s record on western land use and the environment.

The smackdown on Harris’s blatant lie that she and Joe Biden support fracking was our favorite home run by Pence.


Then there’s that one attack on Trump Harris failed to launch that will sound vaguely familiar to Coloradans.

Good times.