Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush is trying to hide her radical record in a desperate bid to poach the 3rd Congressional District from the Republican Party.

PeakNation will recall Bush lost to U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in 2018 while running on a far left platform that included support for the Green New Deal and Medicare for all.

In a surprise upset, Tipton lost the party primary this season to conservative Lauren Boebert.

So now Bush is back peddling wildly from her beliefs, according to the Washington Free Beacon, condemning the signature issues her tony liberal mountain friends hold so dear,

“You’re creating jobs and helping to protect our environment and prevent climate change, so it’s a triple whammy,” she said of a Green New Deal in 2018. Mitsch Bush now says otherwise, claiming the radical environmentalist legislation “does nothing.”

“[The Green New Deal] shows remarkable insensitivity to the kinds of issues we face in rural Colorado,” she told Colorado Public Radio on Friday.

Instead of her previous insistence that health care is a right, written into the Constitution with invisible ink or something, Bush is suddenly okay with Obamacare and its ridiculously high insurance deductibles that make health care unaffordable in many of the mountain towns she wishes to represent. 

Has Bush really abandoned her socialist friends, or is she just saying what she thinks voters want to hear?

We would argue the latter.

If Bush’s beliefs had truly and magically come into line with Western Slope voters, she wouldn’t have snubbed the Club 20 debate, she would have embraced it.