Unite for Colorado Action has released one of this year’s most comical ads jabbing John Hickenlooper for his record of corruption.

The ad features a young girl in a spelling bee who is asked to spell “Hickenlooper.”

“Can I please hear the word used in a sentence?” she asks.

“While governor, John Hickenlooper violated the state Constitution on multiple occasions and used taxpayer money to pay his legal defense bills,” the moderator responds.

“Hickenlooper. C-O-R-R-U-P-T,” the young girl responds to raucous applause.

Sometimes in campaigns, the simplest messages with a hint of humor are the most effective.

Hickenlooper is the only governor in Colorado’s history to be held in contempt by the Ethics Commission, and received the largest fine the panel ever administered for accepting unlawful Maserati rides and trips on private jets.

If it weren’t for the saving grace of the statute of limitations, Hickenlooper would have also faced fines for violating Amendment 41 for numerous other trips totaling at least tens of thousands of dollars in additional fines.

Voters will certainly find this particular ad memorable because of the humor, and most importantly, that ‘Hickenlooper’ is synonymous with corruption.