John Hickenlooper was questioned during the 9News debate about the radical Chinook Fund he helped create and its funding of Recreate 68 — a group that instigated riots in Denver in 2008. 

Hickenlooper’s response: Deer in the headlights.

When Hickenlooper founded the Chinook Fund in 1987, it was structured as a group of “progressive philanthropists” to support like-minded organizations.

During Hickenlooper’s tenure at Chinook, the organization touted its work “funding radical social change in Colorado.”

Congratulations, Hickenlooper.

Thanks to the millions of dollars you donated, and will likely continue to donate, the Chinook Fund has successfully funded radical socialist groups working to defund police, promote anarchist revolutions, and incite violence on our streets.

In fact, many of them were likely at Saturday’s BLM-Antifa Soup Drive hosted by the Denver Communist Party.

Of all the illustrious groups Chinook has funded with no-strings attached grants — Colorado Democrat Socialists, Cop Watch, Denver ACORN, and many others — the aforementioned Recreate 68 has got to be the worst.

In 2008 when Denver was selected to host the Democratic National Convention (DNC) featuring then-Sen. Barack Obama as their party’s candidate, Hickenlooper was mayor and very excited to almost be the center of attention.

That same year, Recreate 68 was formed with the stated mission to make the 1968 Chicago DNC protests and violent clashes with police “look like a small get-together.” 

The protests that ensued in Denver were some of the worst the city has ever seen, with hundreds arrested over four days, bomb threats, and millions of dollars in property damage. 

And who funded Recreate 68’s agenda? None other than Hickenlooper’s Chinook fund.

As the Denver Post reported in 2010:

The protest group Re-create 68 was one of the biggest annoyances in the long run-up to Denver’s hosting the 2008 Democratic National Convention. And now we find out that a non-profit the mayor of Denver helped establish years ago actually funded Re-create 68 as it tried to disrupt the mayor’s greatest challenge pulling off the DNC.

For years, these fringe groups have found solace in organizations funded by leftist millionaires like Hickenlooper. Why? Because Hick is obsessed with Hick and demands about as much transparency in his charitable givings as he did while selling policy positions in the governor’s office.

So if you ever find yourself in need of some socialist reading material or a good resource to find out the proper way to burn an American flag, call John Hickenlooper. He might not be willing to remember his support for radical behavior, but we sure do.