Colorado Democratic Party activist Kristopher Jacks has caught the attention of law enforcement with his violent radical rhetoric describing the lengths he will go to elect Joe Biden then terrorize the White House to pass the far-left’s agenda.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Office is examining the videos of Jacks hypothesizing the effects of assassinating billionaires like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and other violent musings.

The conversations were caught on camera by Project Veritas and released earlier this week. 

In addition to Jacks’ role on the executive committee of the state party, he leads Our Revolution in Weld County and worked for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. 

He claims to have many local Democrat supporters who will back his revolutionary ideas with action. 

Valerie Richardson of The Washington Times reports:

“We were made aware of the video last night by several of our residents and we are looking into it today,” Weld County sheriff’s spokesman Joe Moylan said in an email.

Mr. Jacks has not commented publicly on the video, but he deleted his public Twitter account. Century Link, his employer, tweeted that it had suspended an unidentified employee pending the results of an investigation and “contacted appropriate law enforcement agencies.”

The state party, Weld County Democrats and Our Revolution are also ducking for cover and declining to comment, hoping the scandal will quickly be forgotten by their friends in the media. 

What’s heard on the videotape is the standard violent and radical fare we’ve heard from mobs in Portland and Chicago all summer. 

It’s just more of a shock to hear talk of guillotines and random murders coming from a Democrat Party leader in Colorado who thinks he’s speaking to someone in confidence. 

Is he out to get Republicans? No, Jacks says the true enemy of radical left-wingers are the moderate Democrats. 

“So you want to do some Versailles shit, you want to do some Antifa sh*t, you really want to change this country that way, with violence, there’s only one way to do it. You’ve got to get people that are close to billionaires and start just, random billionaires start turning up dead.”

It turns out the peaceful protests™ we’ve experienced all summer and fall won’t end if Biden is elected.

“Joe Biden is presumably left-wing, and he’s got a functioning signing hand,” Mr. Jacks said. “As long as there’s progressive legislation that comes across his desk, I am confident we can occupy his house. We know where he’ll live, and yeah, he wants to veto Medicare For All? Let him veto it. He’s never leaving that house again without protests.”

Occupying the White House is actually an example of how left-wingers plan to control the Democrat Party and govern America.

Putting Biden in the White House is the first step in their radical revolution.