Mayor Hancock’s new COVID restrictions limiting gatherings to five people don’t apply to liberals with a cause to protest.

Hundreds — we checked our math and that’s more than five — rallied in front of the Capitol Saturday shouting bumper sticker slogans behind trendy masks.

“Right now more than ever it’s important for women’s voices to be heard and we take the pandemic seriously,” masked and shielded participant Emily Davis said, adding “We all have hand sanitizer, we’ve got face coverings, we’ve got masks. We’ll probably change our clothes at the end, anything we can do to be a part of getting the word out and doing it safely.”

March coordinator Jayme Bright told KDVR that emails instructed participants the magic number was six, not five. If participants came with six people, they were supposed to stay with those six people and away from everyone else.

See how that didn’t work out at all? 


After Hancock announced the new rules Friday — no more than five people who are not related can gather — we questioned whether such mandates could be enforced. 

It doesn’t look like Denver is even trying, at least not with politically correct protestors. 

If a non-related group of six gathers at a restaurant table, the COVID cops will more likely descend on them in droves.