John Hickenlooper hosted a zoom event Monday evening with TV host Bill Nye the “Science” Guy.

Nye, a mediocre comedian with questionable scientific credentials, has spent much of the last several years yelling at people that gender is fluid (when he used to tell kids the opposite) and pondering punishment for families that have “extra kids.”

Naturally, he also proclaimed that global warming and climate change are “way worse” than global pandemics or world wars:

Both sides in Colorado’s Senate race concede climate change is a major threat, but that’s not the issue here.

Hickenlooper’s newest surrogate seriously believes climate change has been worse for Colorado than:

  • The Spanish Flu: Killed 7,500 Coloradans between 1918-1919
  • World War I: Took the lives of over 1,000 Coloradans
  • World War II: Killed nearly 2,700 Coloradans
  • COVID-19: Killed nearly 2,200 Coloradans

Nye’s alarmism puts him in the same league as Andrew Romanoff who launched his failed Senate campaign with a post-apocalyptic short film that was roundly mocked.

With election day quickly approaching it’s obvious Hickenlooper is tacking hard left.

Whether it be by linking up with morons like Bill Nye or leaving the door open on packing the Supreme Court, Hickenlooper is previewing what kind of senator he would be: a tool of the socialist left in Colorado.