9News anchor Kyle Clark got hammered in two opinion pieces this week, one from radio host Jimmy Sengenberger in the Federalist and the other in the Denver Post by Senate Majority Fund Executive Director Daniel Cole.

The editorials take Clark to task for his attacks mocking conservatives who are concerned about violence in Denver.

Two weeks after Clark’s infamous tweet, 9News’ contracted security guard Matthew Dolloff to protect their reporters and producers at a protest, during which Dolloff shot and killed Lee Keltner claiming self-defense.

Sengenberger compared Clark to CNN’s Don Lemon who also mocked conservatives over concerns about antifa-related violence in urban areas.

The September exchange between Lemon and Cuomo reveals exactly the same mentality as Clark’s September tweet, proving that national media hubris and detachment have descended upon local news. It’s the same mindset that led outlets such as CNN and MSNBC to insist the George Floyd and Jacob Blake “protests” were “mostly peaceful” even as rioters burned buildings behind them.

Cole similarly went after Clark’s September tweet stereotyping conservatives as irrationally fearful of urban violence, and did not mince words about the evil consequences of Clark’s activism.

An eviler consequence of Clark’s activism: it makes his audience fear people like Lee Keltner. Clark frequently portrays right-wingers as dangerous loons. On Oct. 8, two days before Keltner’s killing, he likened the Michiganders who plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to perfectly innocent Coloradans who oppose Gov. Jared Polis. On Aug. 30, he tweeted a video of an unmasked man having a meltdown in a store and said, “Anti-masker America is terrifying. Add guns and this is how lives are lost.”


When people are frightened, they’re dangerous; and Clark tells people to feel frightened around the Lee Keltners of Colorado. […]


With his privilege comes duty — if not of fairness and impartiality, at least of the negative kind: duty not to mock people for worrying publicly about the violence that worries his station privately; not to set neighbor against innocent neighbor; not to wink at assaults against groups and individuals he dislikes.


Clark has failed in that duty. 9News has failed to correct him.

Cole’s piece is going viral, it’s one of the top-ranked item on Google under the query “Kyle Clark.”