John Hickenlooper has twisted himself into pretzel trying to evade a simple yet critical question confronting Democrat U.S. Senate and presidential candidates in this year’s election: Will you stack the U.S. Supreme Court by adding more judges?

While Joe Biden has finally agreed to let voters know his position before Election Day — weeks after ballots are cast in early voting — Hickenlooper’s subterfuge is somewhat more sinister.

He won’t answer the question, because it’s hypothetical.

Never mind that every question ever asked a political candidate about taxes they would raise, funding they would spend, laws they would support or oppose is all hypothetical.

Hickenlooper can’t possibly be expected to answer how he would govern no more than Nancy Pelosi should be expected to know what’s in a bill before Congress passes it into law.

Democrats have a long history of not answering questions, and the media has a long history of not making them. 

Here’s Hickenlooper’s full interview this week with KDVR.

Not only does Hickenlooper refuse to answer because it’s hypothetical, but claims it’s also “outside the window of conjecture.”

Actually it’s not conjecture or hypothetical, since stacking the nine-member Supreme Court with at least four more judges is being openly discussed and planned by the Democrat Party.

If Hickenlooper will not support or vote in favor the controversial move of packing the court, he would just say so.

That Hickenlooper gets so tongue-tied trying a dozen different excuses to avoid answering the question, is our answer.

Yes, he plans to pack the court.