U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner was asked what a U.S. Senate would look like if Democrats took control after the November election.

Specifically, Fox News asked, what does a Senate ruled by presumptive Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York look like?

Not so good for Colorado, Gardner responded.

  “A ban on oil and gas, the destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs in Colorado, massive tax increases, a regulatory overtake the likes of which we’ve never seen — it would undo the work that we did prior to the pandemic and building up our economy and prevent our economy from getting back on track.”

Schumer will be a disaster for our country’s recovery, that’s Gardner’s short answer. And that’s just if Democrats take control of the Senate. 

It’s a given Democrats will keep control of the U.S. House, so if they gain the Senate and the White House to boot, with total Democrat control it’s unlikely our country will even move on to recovery.

Joe Biden and his Dark Winter Democrat governors are already moving closer to another economic shutdown, which is their only answer to dealing with the pandemic — hiding from it.

If you want to spend the next two years hiding at home, shuttering businesses that can’t continue under random regulations that keep changing based on daily COVID numbers, and think your kids are actually learning through virtual education, then vote the straight Democrat ticket.

There’s a reason for our two-party system, America needs checks and balances. 

If you really need a reminder what it looks like when one party takes total control, look no farther than Colorado, where the Democrat state House and Senate have allowed Gov. Polis to operate as a dictator under emergency orders for nearly eight months without any oversight, whatsoever.